About Me

Some Background Information:

In 1986: I entered financial services as a licensed representative, specializing in managed investment products, tax efficiency and succession planning. My focus was with mentors such as Warren Buffett, the late Paul Rockel, and the late John Templeton and others with a successful track record in the industry.

In 2003: I thought it was time to bring out the misunderstanding with Employer Pension Plans. Pension Paradigm, the book, was written using the name of Hugh Carter a good friend of mine. This was simply to avoid any repercussions as a licensed financial representative by the regulators. This book was revised and updated in 2008.

In 2005: I established CWM Cadillac Wealth Management Inc. when I realized education in the financial industry was still lacking. I felt that it is everyone’s right to know the facts in order make informed decisions to enrich their quality of life. This action also created a personal holding company for tax minimization and estate transfer purposes.

In 2012: I retired my Financial license and thought retirement was in my plans.

In 2014: Well, life isn’t fair, I had a stroke and still have no use in my right hand, but every day is recovery mode, getting nearer to the use of that bike handle. Hopefully by this summer.

Fast Forward to 2018: Now I am back in the energy phase and holding a monthly meetup in the lower mainland, in Surrey near where I live called, ‘Legacy Planning and Financial Freedom’. With my team we have done topics such as Taxes, Year End Review, Passive vs Self Directed Investing …

What has prompted me to share this knowledge is this: Over 30 years in this business has shown me that financial institutions are increasingly moving to ensure their interests are taken care of first at the expense of the public. Therefore especially today, more than ever, people need to be aware and must take full control of their own financial security.

Taking this educational approach, I can show you how to get the best out of all areas of the investment and financial spectrum that are open to you and pull in other experts for specific topics such as the tax implications. As an independent, I am not restricted to any one institution or to any financial product or provider. Together with my team we can pick and suggest what may be best for you from all financial institutions. This includes all the institutions you likely already deal with and/or maybe already familiar with. Our objective is put you in the financial driver’s seat coming from an informed position so you can be empowered knowing what is best for you from whats available.

I have a group of folks who work with me to hold the educational seminars. Keep an eye for periodic announcements on this site here: https://ralph.joinme.link/my-blog/

The registration link for the next session is Sign Up Here.

Keep an eye on our blog for the next topic on financial planning. Remember knowledge is Self Empowerment. Be One who is in the KNOW.

Enough about me, I encourage you to reach out set up a brief appointment with me https://ralph.joinme.link and you will have some options to pursue after a thorough financial assessment which is no cost to you. We can you get you financially literate and on track working most effectively with what you got. Our goal is to work with you to arrange your affairs so your monthly expenses are lower and at the same time give you long term financial security for you and your family. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – make that appointment!