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My Ultimate Goal is to Empower You and Your Family Financially from Cradle to Grave by applying the best of the best financial and insurance services available. Most of which you will never find out about as it's not 'their best interest' to tell you as that would be money out of their pockets. And thus more Money in yours!

We Will Develop A Comphrehensive Financial Plan at No Cost to you. And we will increase your monthly cash through savings on what you are doing currently with mortgages and insurance coverage.

With private and public pensions we can likely increase your monthly cash flow upon retirement.

Feel free to browse our blog and our testimonials -what we do works! And Do Join Us in the wealth seminars we put on every month. Wealth Education is the only way to win the freedom game.

Tax Strategy

When it comes to investments and retirement saving do you know which types have the lowest tax implications in accordance to your current situation.

Corporate Financial Strategy

All Corporations Need to Implement a Financial Strategy to cover all contingencies whereby a loss of the principle/ partner or a key Employee puts the company and those depending on the company at risk

Pension Strategy

Taking Over Your Own Pension Gives You Ultimate Control and the full benefit of all the funds invested on your behalf during your working life.  Taking over ownership of your own funds will not only give you better protection against potential loss it becomes an asset you can pass on to your children.

Mortgage Strategy

Your mortgage is not the same that your parents and/or grandparents had. This is simply because it’s not as profitable to the banks. We can get you that type of mortgage and dramatically reduce your monthly payment. With the Savings use a portion to pay off your house through long-term investments and to buy insurance protecting the family against the loss of income due to illness, death or unemployment and if you have children to provide an education fund for them. We can get you all these benefits without increasing your current monthly expenditure.

Investment Strategy

Learn which investment strategies yield the best returns and the lowest tax implications in accordance to your current situation.

Financial Literacy Video Interviews